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Why is having a logo important? Brand your logo
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Reasons why having a logo design is important

By December 13, 2018 No Comments

Builds your company an identity.

The main purpose of a logo design is to make sure that your business, group, organization or your product brand has an identity. When your customers buy your product sometimes they go based on looks. So having a well done creative logo will help them remember your brand, next time they want to purchase or continue doing business with you whether it’s online or in a brick or mortar location. Many people will come across your brand so it’s important to make a good first impression.

“The ubiquity of logos, and their great power to unlock memories, feelings, and associations, are the product of 150 years of exponential growth in the field of advertising and corporate communications.” – Michael Evamy

With a logo, it’s important to also relatively brand the fonts, colors, shapes, symbols, and slogans. Its also important to stay straightforward, simple and have a clear explanation of who your business is.

Helps customers retain your brand

You know how you can’t remember the name but somehow remember the look? That’s because there are so many companies out there that its hard to capture the attention of a specific brand. A distinctive logo helps people remember you longer.

According to Optical Targeting our brain processes visual 60000x faster than text. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, 70% of your sensory receptors are in your eyes. 50% of your brain is active in visual processing, 40% of people respond better to visuals, and people remember 80% of images, 20% of the text, and 10% of sound.

When creating a logo, you have to keep your consumers in mind and think about how you want them to remember your logo and brand.

Shows you’re professional and lets other people, build trust

There’s nothing more important than trust, especially when it comes to doing business. You want to be able to communicate with anyone that you come across as a professional. If your logo looks like it came from someone that didn’t care as much, they might move on to the next business competitor, that has a better more professional looking logo. The same applies to websites and other business traditional marketing.


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